Are you ready to meet the cast of our show? Short biographies and photos are below, be sure to also take a look at Marlena and Robyn’s stand alone pages too, they are a riot!

What People are Saying:

“Wickedly Funny!”

“Marlena Midnite is the most delicious, crazy, cadaver who has ever attempted to take over the world with puppets!!”

“Next time I am bringing more popcorn!”

“A delightful, albeit insane, romp into the lives of the most bizarre group of “people” who have ever hosted horror and sci-fi movies...”

“A perfect balance of psychotic people/puppets and cheesy old flicks.”

“Reminds me of the Horror Hosts of the old days like Sammy Terry and Svengoolie.”

“My kids won’t go to bed with out hearing a story about Marlena, Robyn and the Puppets!”


After a car accident left her feeling a bit "flat" Ms. Midnite decided that she had a higher calling as a delectable horror host of mythic proportions. Marlena lives in her mausoleum with her adoring servants Wolfred and Franklin, and is visited often by a host of other friends who are always creeping around the boneyard.


The "schmexy" midnite mail girl/ reporter and Marlena's best friend. Robyn and Marlena are always getting into mischief weather it be reading mail from their loyal fans or luring unsuspecting guests into the autopsy room for random experiments.


The neighborhood Reaper of souls, he usually can be found lurking around the boneyard or the autopsy room waiting for new "clients."  Marlena and Grimms met at the morgue shortly after Marlena's fateful accident, luckily though thanks to some amazing fast talking and an offer to be on a TV show, Grimms said he could "just let this one slide" and let Marlena scamper on her merry way


The hideous offspring of a vampire and werewolf couple, despite the hype and publicity of several new movies, poor Wolfred got the least desirable traits of the two. Wolfred is always stuck in wolf form with abnormally large fangs and a massive over bite.  Marlena found wolfred as a cub when she was on vacation visiting her uncle in Siberia, what she thought was a goofy looking puppy quickly grew into a great, although still goofy looking friend and servant. When Marlena returned to her mausoleum, Wolfred came with to see the "new world" but never ended up getting too far and now lives in the mausoleum with Marlena and Franklin.


For a stretch when Wolfred went to "find" himself in the motherland, Marlena realized just how badly she needed a servant, so she decided to make one. Unfortunately, only armed with some fabric scraps, needles, thread and a card board box, franklin never really turned out to be the amazing Midnite Monster Marlena had envisioned.  Sweet and more then willing to to anything any one asks franklin is easily befriended by pretty much every one and despite the fact he cannot speak, everyone seems to be able to converse with him just fine.


Dr. Thaddius Bones decided to trade in his life as a sea faring pirate after he took an interest in restorative and cosmetic surgery. Always ready to start a conversation about anything, bones has the gift of gab in a big way, although he fancies himself a great comedian, no one else thinks there is anything funny about him, except maybe his looks!


A rare Siberian tiger eating spider, He, Marlena, and Wolfred go WAYY back. Archibald lived in Marlena’s uncles cottage in Siberia and was often terrorized by Wolfred when he was younger, however now that Archie has grown up big and strong,  the tables have turned and he has made his way to the Mausoleum to have his just “desserts”.


Cleo started her life as the treasured house pet of a wealthy egyptian monarch, unfortunately when her masters life came to an abrupt end so did hers. Luckily mummified and buried, she was unearthed many years later and stored in a warehouse until Marlena ordered a “real, live, mummy!” from the back pages of a scary monsters magazine and the rest as they say “is history.”