Hello all my fellow cinema fiends! I'm Marlena Midnite and I'm here to bring you your delicious dose of horror and sci-fi... well wait, you already know that since you are here lurking around on the BRAND SPANKING NEW Midnite Mausoleum website! After months and months of hard work and tedious labor, my latest, greatest creation is finally glitch free and ready to knock your socks off! (Well sort of, it is better then the old page, but still has a ways to go) Be sure to keep your peepers open for weekly updates, contests and new merchandise that will be springing up like zombies after an apocalypse!

Please wander around and check out all the great new features on our site. More and more will be added as time goes on, so check back often and be sure to subscribe to our RRS. Any questions, suggestions, etc can be directed to the webmaster HERE at PM web design.


It appears that I am horrible at updating the website. Who knew? Oh, yes, thats right everybody. At any rate, lots of updating to do, and I will get it done. I am also hoping to ad some new features to the site soon! Stay tuned everybody!

-Mari M.

Horror Hound Weekend!

March 23rd- 25th, 2012

Columbus, OH.