Midnite Mausoleum "Premature Burial" 54 disc box set

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Midnite Mausoleum "Premature Burial" 54 disc box set

***** New batch will be trady to ship MAY 18, 2020 *****

LIMITED / NUMBERED edition of 100!

54 disc set !

includes EVERY public access Television Episode of MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM from 2009 - 2013.

Includes all 47 television episodes (season 2 - Season 6)... PLUS the first 12 "web only" mini episodes (season 1)

Special extended PHILADELPHIA edition of the first television episode (#13)

Both 2010 SUMMER CAMP specials featuring Thomas Berdinskis ITALIAN ZOMBIE MOVIES 1 & 2

Special DISC with footage from February 2009 featuring construction of the mausoleum set, marlena's puppet building and test shoots for lighting, characters and wardrobe... only available here !

Includes an original "BRICK" from the original mausoleum set!

includes an original 2010 trading cards set !

ALL housed in a limited / numbered custom Handmade "CRATE" with an INCREDIBLY cool lid !