About Midnite Mausoleum

Midnite Mausoleum is a horror hosting type television program that follows in the footsteps of many other great horror hosting programs before it. 

Midnite Mausoleum started marketing it's program in 2009 and it follows the misadventures of Marlena Midnite and her friends (Cat, Elizadeath & Wolfred to name a few) in skits that break up B and Z horror and sci-fi movies.

In 2014 Midnite Mausoleum started broadcasting the show on My-TV 8-3 Friday and Saturday nights ar 10:30 PM.

In 2016 Midnite Mausoleum was moved to WQAD News 8 at 1:35 AM Fridays and continued to show on My-TV 8-3 at 11 pm. 

Midnite Mausoleum is also show on WBXZ 56.4 in Buffalo, NY and WRCT 18 in York, PA (please see local listings for times).