Marlena Midnite- The titular (heh, see what I did there?) host of Midnite Mausoleum. She is dead. She spends most of her time watching bad movies and talking to puppets and animals, when she is interacting with the living she puts on a pretty decent charade of being alive. Although many times she can seem aloof, really she is just easily befuddled and tries to cover it up by being reserved. She can usually be found watching movies, eating popcorn, or reading various books.




Robyn Graves- The mail delivery girl for the mausoleum, who also happens to be Marlena's best human friend. She can often be found digging up valuables (or not so valuables) from graves around the cemetery or otherwise trying to get Marlena to read her stories or cook her dinner. 






Wolfred- Marlena's main partner in crime, who mistakenly thinks the show is actually about him. Brassy and full of terrible jokes, Wolfred is almost always up to no good, although always for the best reasons, (at least HE thinks they are the best reasons). He can most often be found accompanying Marlena on her excursions or working one of his hobbies (terrible jokes, explosions, helping Robyn dig holes.)






Franklin- Marlena's cobbled together zombie servant, although, to be honest the last thing Franklin ever does is do Marlena's bidding. He spends most of his time, sorting though and reading books he finds in the library, trying to talk Wolfred out of hair brained schemes, hanging out with Del and investigating the many nonsensical things that happen in the mausoleum (for instance, why does a mausoleum have a library?!)





Delaware Toro- Marlena's nemesis (not really). Del was sent by the station to try to curtail the out of control spending that was happening at the mausoleum. He spends most of his time crunching numbers, doing awesome experiments with Franklin, and accepting bribes of snacks and calculators from Marlena.






Creepy Charlie and Family- A wise cracking pitcher plant that is stuck in the 1970's when his foot loose and fancy free days presumably ended. He regals Marlena with his stories of his more bygone days, while his family silently looks on (because they have heard these stories who knows how many times before?) except for crazy Frank who every once in a while will chime in.






Dr. Thaddeus Bones- A very peculiar "person" to be calling a "doctor". No one is even really sure if he ever was a doctor, but no one really feels the need to contradict him on that point either. He is fast talking, snarky, hilarious and some times rather off color, defiantly more of a car salesman/ comedian vibe than doctor.